Competition Teams

Level 3-1Competitive Gymnastics Where the Focus is On Achieving Your Personal Best

At GTC, we love gymnastics and we love sharing our sport with children! If your child is interested in a competitive gymnastics experience where the focus is on achieving your personal best, you’ve found the right gym!

We are a USA Gymnastics member club and both boys and girls compete within the USAG level system.

It is important to us that we give your child a strong foundation in gymnastics and a healthy experience in competition. We like gymnastics to be a very special part of your child’s life, not their whole life! Family commitments, schoolwork, friends and hobbies, just to name a few, are important aspects of our gymnasts daily lives and we are proud of our gymnasts for their commitment to their families, themselves and their sport!

For more information on the Boy’s team, please contact Coach Darryl. For the Girl’s team, please contact Coach Jay or Coach Abby at 860 658.7340 ext. 204.

Recent Girls Team Achievements:

  • Cassie Fortune: 2014-2015 Regional Development Team Member (Level 8)
  • Kathryn Rutledge: 2015 Level 6 State Bar Champion
  • Gwendolyn Ockerbloom: 2015 Level 6 – 2nd Place AA
  • Level 3 Team: 2015 State Championships – 3rd place

Recent Boys Team Achievements

  • Terry Cook: 2015 Level 10 Regional Qualifier
  • Kyle Kliszewski: 2015 Level 9 Regional Qualifier
  • Jack Cavo: 2015 Level 9 Regional Qualifier