GTC Gives Back

At The Gymnastics Training Center we believe strongly in giving back to our community. We thank you for your support!

GTC’s Team Programs and Unite for Her

“Work hard”,” give your best effort”, “push yourself” all phrases the gymnasts at The Gymnastics Training Center of Simsbury know all too well when relating to their training and performance. But these inspirational phrases were used in the gym for a different purpose. A purpose to unite each other to: “work hard for what you believe in”, give your best effort to raise awareness”, “push yourself to do what you can to help others in need”

GTC’s coaching couple Jay and Abby Ross challenged their athletes in creative manors such as “The Cartwheel-A-Thon” and “Penny Wars” to raise funds to bring to the competition. Over all they will be heading down to Philadelphia with $6,163! The coaches are proud the team was able to band together to bring in such a remarkable donation which gave them a 7th place finish (out of over 60 teams) in the Above and Beyond Challenge!

GTC has been competing in the Pink Invitational for the past four years. In 2012, Unite for HER donated $1,000, on behalf of The Gymnastics Training Center,  to The Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center for our outstanding contribution.